I'm Ana
I'm 21
I feed on the souls of young kpop idols to keep myself looking young.
My next victims: EXO and NU'EST
I'm 4'11.4/5 now stop asking



EXO-K, BEAST, INFINITE, BTS, B.A.P, et plus, vont performer au “Music Bank in Mexico” !

Il a été dévoilé qu’une incroyable liste d’idoles-chanteuses se préparées pour participer et performer au prochain enregistrement de KBS ‘Music Bank’, qui prendra place à Mexico !

Le 30 Octobre prochain,…

I felt proud last year because more  BABYs and kpop fans in general would compliment me on my BAP hoodie around campus and even talk to me for a bit about idols, but now this semester it looks like the new kids are killing it. They freak out and even stop me to try to fangirl even though I’m clearly in a hurry. I’ve also been getting a lot of stink eyes from EXO fans and some Asians around campus. Looks like I’ll have to go back to being a closet fan again -.-

First time driving past the bridge into the other part of town was a success \o/ But I think it was because I was blasting BAP while driving x]

Haven’t posted a selca in a while so here you go :)

Haven’t posted a selca in a while so here you go :)


Every time we do the warrior series in yoga I HAVE to sing and dance warrior idc if the professor looks at me weird *^*